Pizza!! Who does not love pizza?

To the person who invented the "cauliflower crust" pizza, 

I say THANK YOU!  I am not a big fan of gluten (I have celiac disease) nor am I a fan of strange flours and other binding agents trying to mimmic gluten filled crusts so I thought my days of eating an occasional pizza slice or two were over until the "cauliflower crust" was invented!!

This delicious and nutritious crust can be made and manipulated in so many yummy ways!  This is the base recipe that I tend to follow; and I often mix it up by adding a pasture raised egg to the mix or omitting the almond flour and adding cashew flour or coconut flour and sometimes adding fermented parmesan cheese to the mix.

My sauce of choice is a homemade pesto usually using cashew nuts or pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts and adding fresh lemon and sea salt to preserve it for longer use.

My topping reflect what is in-season at my locals farmers market or what is growing in my garden.  I seldom add cheese and if I do it is fermented, grass-fed sheep or goat milk cheese or sometimes a cashew cheese.

All said and done, IT IS AMZING and nutrient dense unlike the traditional stuff!

Once again, thank you inventor of the cauliflower crust!!

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