Holiday Parties

This week I have been invited to attend a party at a pizza joint, an Italian deli, a wine party and a cookie party!!  

So what do I do at all these parties?  Well, I try to have fun and enjoy myself!  For me, having fun means I eat before hand or I will bring a healthy dish to share with other guests.  If we are going to a restaurant, I will check out the menu in advance to see if there are any healthy options for me.  At the party,  I spend more time talking to people and less time eating.  I make sure when I am home I am a little more diligent with my nutrition and exercise, I drink a lot of water (especially bubbly water) at the parties to keep me full, and most important of all, I DO NOT STRESS!

Seriously, it is not an issue!  People that know me, respect me and know my "style"; therefore, it is not an issue!  I do not "push" my beliefs on others at the party; "PUT DOWN THE PEPPERONI AND RANCH DRESSING" never comes out of my mouth at a pizza joint nor anything similar anywhere else.  

I also pick and choose my "battles."  I can skip drinking wine at home and wait to have a special glass of wine at a party; or, I can forgo a few squares of dark chocolate at home in anticipation for the paleo double dark chocolate cookies that I will bring to the cookie party.

The bottom line is: DON'T STRESS OUT and HAVE FUN!


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