To Those Who Have No Excuses:

2016 and already many people feel like failures because the rain, snow, cold, work, kids, dirty laundry, and bills have gotten in the way of their 2016 New Years resolution goals.

My advise is, do not make excuses!  Everyone in this world is dealt some sort of "barrier" any moment during the day, but it is those who look beyond the barrier, jump it and continue onward that succeed in reaching the finish line.

So to those people who get up extra early, in the dark, in the cold snow or rain, to get their morning exercise in EVERY day or to chop and prepare dinner at 6AM, or to prepare 5 healthy lunches and snack for other mouths to eat, I solute you!

If thoughts of eating more vegetables or exercising more are not part of your "resolution" because are ALREADY DO THEM DAILY, then I solute YOU!

Of course hearing those year end stories of how XYZ lost 100 pounds or reversed Type 2 Diabetes are always inspiring, what should be more inspiring is never having to lose 100 pounds or to never having to reverse diet related diseases because you put in the hard work EVERY DAY no matter what with no excuses!

So to those who have no excuses, I solute you!

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