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Since 2004, after graduating from Oriental Medical School, I have strived to provide my clients with the best resources that natural medicine has to offer for optimal health.

Dr. Tara Kulikov, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, L.Ac.


My Vision

To provide each individual with a customized wellness plan that will help them reach their wellness and fitness goals for a better everyday life experience for time to come

To use forms of natural medicine (food, exercise, herbs, spices) to heal the body for optimal function

To use biomedical and traditional medical diagnostics and refer to other professionals when necessary

To inspire and educate my patients to make their health a high priority at every stage of their life

To bring more happiness and balance to my patients lives through improvement of their health








“Let Food Be Thy Medicine.”
— Hippocrates

What YOU CAn Expect

  • A full and complete initial evaluation
  • Access to shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes
  • Access to my professional online nutraceutical pharmacy to order any necessary herbs or supplements
  •  Phone, email, Skype, or Google Hangout access for consultations
  • Access to lab testing for nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, hormone program, stool samples, and much more
  • "Teaching" instead of "telling" approach to your nutrition and wellness plan
  • Scientific evaluations of your current fitness plan or recommendation for a new fitness plan
  • NO overload of newsletters, promotions, announcements, or any other "stuff" overloading your email inbox
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